Clair Huxtable

The 1980’s-1990’s was a decade of great style and pops of color. When I first bought this dress I only truly wanted it for the belt but then after trying it on together I noticed that it was a great fit. After I took it home and decided to wear it out I noticed how Clair Huxtable like it really was and I loved it that much more. The multiple colors of the belt allows for me to wear the dress with a couple different color shoes which is great. Also, I can switch it up and change the belt for more variety. Many people have now started catching on to all the great finds that thrift stores have to offer and, even though thrift shopping is a lengthy process, it’s definitely my favorite kind of shopping. Try going to a Goodwill or consignment shop near you and have fun!






Dress: Thrift Store / Belt: Thrift Store / Shoes: Dillards / Earrings: Thrift Store / Watch: Anne Klein from TJMaxx / Spiky Bracelet: Forever 21

4 replies to “Clair Huxtable

  1. That dress is totally Clair Huxtable, lol, and it looks great on you. Thrift stores can be hit or miss, but you definitely scored a big one with this dress. Love you in that electric blue!

    XOXO Nensi

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