Sometimes as a blogger, we lack inspiration and I definitely feel like I was in that category for a little while. My move to New York has been great yet tiring & sometimes things get in the way but I will be trying my hardest to get new content on here as often as possible. I love blogging but have realized that I have been looking at it all wrong for a while. This is also another reason I have stepped away from posting in the hopes of understanding this a little better.  Blogging is something that you do because you love it, not only because you hope it will produce fruits and make you known. That’s something that can potentially come of blogging but shouldn’t be the main focus. In the past few months I have been so concerned with becoming known and a successful blogger that I have lost what started it all, which is the love I have for blogging. From now on I will be posting but with no expectations of anything else, just me and my style. When it’s natural and carefree, the content just flows. I’m ready to flow again. 

Levi’s Jacket:, Top: H&M, Bottoms: H&M, High Top Converse: Rack Room Shoes, Necklace:


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