Back to my Blog.

So, yes I know, I’ve been gone for a year and I have no excuse but let me just say that I’m back and ready to get to it. As you can see, I finally got around to giving the blog the little… okay, the pretty serious face lift it needed. When I took the pictures for this post my first thought was there is no way I can publish something new without a little revamping first, so I decided to go for a sleeker, minimalist vibe just to keep the clutter down. Hope you guys enjoy!

Alright, onto the good stuff…
Now all black is always and forever in my comfort zone as is for many of you I’m sure, but I’ve decided that I need to start introducing some vibrant colors back into my everyday wardrobe. I swear I’ve literally turned into a typical works in downtown, wears black everyday New Yorker and that’s just not okay. So to brighten things up I paired my all black with a breezy kimono because it’s currently about 1000 degrees in NY and covering up too much is not an option + who doesn’t love a flowy train, right? lol. The one thing probably I love more than a little flow though is comfort; so to finish it off with a causal feel, I threw on some Nike’s and a cross body bag for a night of walking around the town. Always remember, comfort and confidence go hand in hand.

Kimono: Francesca’s (Similar), Shoes: Nike Air Max Thea Premium, Bag: Thrifted

With love and style,

Rose 🌹

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