Why So Blue? 

 “A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a woman called by a devaluing name will only be weakened by the misnomer. She will need to prize her tenderness and be able to display it at appropriate times in order to prevent toughness from gaining total authority and to avoid becoming a mirror image of those men who value power above life, and control over love.”

-Maya Angelou from In All Ways A Woman

For the longest time I wasn’t sure what my style was. There were so many instances where I would put together an outfit, love it so much then put it on my body and decide it didn’t look “right” anymore because the confidence just wasn’t there. I would look at certain curves of my body and wish they were smaller as if what I already had wasn’t beautiful. While this mentally definitely came from the influence of the media, coming from a Latin background made it a lot harder. Even though I love being Hispanic, it can mean having family who thinks a female’s waist has to be insanely small to be beautiful or having to swallow comments about an outfit not looking right for my body type. And even though it’s obvious they have no malicious intent, it can still hurt. The best part of this all is that I’ve grown to realize how much I don’t care about any of it anymore. You can’t possibly keep yourself and the entire world happy. In recognizing that I’ve been able to define my style which I now see is made up of what makes me feel comfortable and love myself that much more. Allowing others to control the way I expressed myself through the way I dress only effected me and made me second guess myself while everyone else continued about their day. Now if I walk around in something all day, it’s authentically me and inspired by the things that I know please me and only me.

Top & Jeans: Thrifted, Bomber Jacket: FannyPhx, Purse: H&M, Shoes: Booties (Similar)

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