An Afternoon in 42nd


When it comes to the setting of my posts I tend to work off of impulse, because the spontaneous ones are usually the best, but this time I headed straight to 42nd St. The moment I found this pure white, double collared coat I saw myself in the middle of Times Square as the light in a sea of black coats. I wanted to let the coat shine, which is why I kept the rest of the outfit pretty neutral along with a pop of peachy salmon. Since this cold weather is going nowhere, as late as I am to a trend that’s been around for decades, I finally got around to trying out heels with socks. Not only did they make the heels more comfortable but I wasn’t freezing and I looked cute. I’m a comfort over everything kind of girl so that’s a triple win for me. I love looking great but I prefer for it to not come at the cost of my feet hurting hours later. Regardless and honestly, this whole post was mainly for the coat. Don’t judge me when you constantly see it on social media and in another post because come on, just look it!

As I mentioned in my last post, this year has been declared the year to do it for yourself. With that being said, I can’t wait to dive into the next chapter of my life as a student of LIM College. I’m finally here! It has been a long time coming and with my classes having started today, I’m just ready to begin networking and gaining the knowledge I need to become a significant part the industry. I don’t think I’ve ever been this focused, nervous and excited to do anything in my life and as scary as it is to start something new I know it’s necessary for my evolution. If you’re stuck between starting something you truly love yet insecurity and doubt from others are stopping you, just let it go. Doubting yourself will only back track what is already out there waiting for you. Take it from me, there are definitely days where positivity doesn’t come as easy as others but at the end of the day it’s exactly what will keep you going. Don’t forget there is a time and a place for everything so cherish the good and the bad because it’s all part of your story

Top: On 181st ST in NYC (similar), Joggers: Thrifted (similar), Coat: Thrifted (similar),
Bag: Thrifted (similar), Shoes: Overstock (similar)




Photography: Deb Gutierrez

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