Foxy Feels

She loves herself. Loves herself more with everyday. She constantly gets in her own head, making herself think as though the rules this world has created are mandatory to follow. Of this, she is aware as she works towards the mind of a carefree soul. She has stood outside herself and analyzed the waves she can create while on still water. She is powerful so watch out. She is approaching.  – Rose Garcia 

Photography: Mami Jugo
2018-07-20 16:43:32.226

When my sister and I went out to take these pictures they weren’t actually meant for a blog post, we were simply taking them for fun and a good Instagram picture but as we continued I realized how much I liked them. Although they are some of my favorites, I was hesitant to use them on here because we had used the Huji Cam for all of them. I instantly thought if I post these on the blog they won’t be as blogger like as everyone else’s; just sitting there comparing something I enjoy to that of someone else’s like it should matter. I even remember putting on these glasses and saying maybe they’re too much for an everyday look and they’ll attract too much attention (if you’ve lived in the hood then you know about avoiding excessive cat-calling), to which my sister replied, “Wear the glasses!” So here I am, Huji Cam + little glasses and all because you should never have to dim your own light due to the opinions and actions of others.

Now that you know the backstory and have some positive vibrations going your way . . . Tomboy chic/girly/whatever I’m feeling that day honestly, is pretty much the entirety of my style. Also, comfort. After moving back to New York almost four years ago, I’ve realized how comfort over everything is actually a lifestyle you should choose in order to keep your sanity but that doesn’t mean the look should suffer. Adding details, such as the glasses, can pull together a comfortable baggy look while the Vans sneakers clearly state ‘I’m here to chill.’ It’s all about having a balance and making it appropriate for the event. Personally, I love the look of heels and don’t mind wearing them but if I can be cozy in my sneakers or sandals while staying closer to the ground then I’m all for it.
So remember ladies: Comfort over everything without style compromise.

Top: thredUP, Joggers: Thrifted, Sneakers: Vans, Sunglasses: Venice Beach (similar)


2018-07-20 17:41:44.513With Love and -logo-black

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